PROJECT Hangzhou Kerry centre

Kerry redefines Lakeside

Lifestyle in Hangzhou

  • CLIENT Kerry Properties Limited
  • SECTOR Property
  • LOCATION Hangzhou

Skills at play

  • Qualitative research
  • Brand strategy
  • Naming
  • Communication strategy and design
  • Motion design
  • Showreel design
  • Mini-programme design
  • Signgage design
  • Activation strategy and design
  • Project management 

Located at the intersection of the two busiest roads in Hangzhou’s downtown CBD and within walking distance to the well-known West Lake heritage site, Hangzhou Kerry Centre is considered one of Hangzhou’s landmark retail destinations.

With increasing pressure from market forces and competition with premium real estate developers entering Hangzhou, Kerry Centre was challenged with re-positioning its asset in the market, and speaking to consumers on an emotional level rather than simply maintaining a transactional relationship. This repositioning included upgrading the Kerry Centre member experience to attract and retain high-quality, loyal consumers to join its membership and develop a stronger relationship with the Kerry brand. Hangzhou Kerry Centre has partnered with JWDK to launch a new season-led campaign that helps to “redefine lakeside leisure” and elevate the brand on emotional level. 

We hosted joint brainstorming sessions with the client stakeholders and their design strategy teams to accurately understand the needs of Hangzhou consumers. What kind experience will the consumers anticipate upon arriving at Hangzhou Kerry Centre? 

By tapping into the emotional needs of Hangzhou’s creative class of consumer, the ‘Make This Your Moment’ series centres around the exclusive and curated experiences of Kerry Centre’s lakeside lifestyle offering. The experiences foster emotional connections with the target audience, which ultimately converts visitors into loyal customers and even brand activists. 

Inspired by the changing four seasons of West Lake, our design uses rich and colorful elements of nature combined with the quirky, customised ‘moments’ that will activate the physical spaces that make up the place.


JWDK has used specialist motion techniques to enhance the mood of the lakeside experience campaign, and to add small touches of humour which work well in driving engagement across digital channels.

The campaign design is flexible and offers Kerry Centre’s marketing teams four levels of campaign activation, from the project level down to VIP member events that will occur throughout the year.

Standard Campaign Visual

The campaign is set to roll out over the next 12-24 months across a wide range of touchpoints from indoor advertising and posters, to the VIP Member Lounge; outdoor experience and digital applications.