Reaching new heights

  • CLIENT CMSK Hongqiao
  • SECTOR Property
  • LOCATION Hongqiao, Shanghai

Skills at play

Qualitative research
Onsite planning
Brand strategy
Brand naming
Brand identity design
Communication design
Signage design
Project management

Aspire is the first mixed-use development with office and commercial space in the Hongqiao East area. The project offers four buildings of Grade A office and a centre for F&B and retail, located in close to the Hongqiao transport hub which sees over 50 million passengers annually using the metro lines, high-speed rail and international airport. CMSK aim to set a strong benchmark for further development in the area with this project.

Our challenge was to create a brand that would reflect the unique benefits of the project, presenting it as an international, convenient, ecological and healthy destination for business and leisure.

Inspired by Hongqiao as China Eastern Airways’ birthplace, we conducted research into China’s aviation history, discovering the role that it took in the development of aircrafts. Aviation is also associated with feelings of power, force and moving upwards — all feelings that represent CMSK’s hope to pioneer the Hongqiao East area. The final slogan was born: ‘Aspire to Pioneer.’

Using our brand positioning of competitive power and rising force, we explored emotive naming. “Aspire” was chosen for the uplifting feeling it evokes, as well as reflecting the pioneering nature of the development in the Hongqiao area. The name encourages business to aspire and achieve, eluding to success and achievement.

The logotype design features an upward ‘A’ similar to the directional chevrons seen roads and runways. A round dot above the ‘i’ represents the cyclical nature of the industry and helps to soften the look of the logotype. Alone, the circle dot is similar to a mark on
a map denoting a destination. It highlights Aspire’s premium location in the Hongqiao CBD. As a repeat pattern, the dots represent the community of businesses that will thrive at Aspire, a community that will pioneer together.

The brand toolkit is corporate, simple and elegant. It translates well across temporary and permanent signage, using the large A device to contain aspiring imagery and messaging. The brand identity has been rolled out across leasing material, APP, hoarding, landmarks and collateral.