Lights, Cameras… Action!

“What’s the purpose of place?” asks JWDK CEO, Kirsten Johnston overlooking Shanghai’s impressive skyline. Today she filmed her keynote on the topic for JLL’s “Future of Real Estate” virtual summit on air 23-25 March.

With China facing new challenges and opportunities due to recent rapid economic growth, the summit will answer some of the most pressing questions in real estate and urban development: how do we move forward in a post-Covid world? What are the upcoming trends in the marketing and how do we continue to differentiate and succeed?

Kirsten’s keynote The Purpose of Place redefines placemaking for the China market and covers topics such as:

* Placemaking is fast becoming a vague marketing promise. What does the making of places really entail?

* There has been major shift in Chinese consumer behaviour in the last 10 years, which presents a unique set of challenges for placemaking that international models do not address.

* For places to succeed they need to establish strong sense of purpose. In the Longhuli case study, you will see how they did this and the culture they created.

JLL’s “Future of Real Estate” Summit will broadcast online between 23-25 March, with topics focusing on real estate development in the five major cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

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