Exactly like no other

  • CLIENT Septwolves
  • SECTOR Hospitality
  • LOCATION Xiamen, China

Skills at play

Qualitative research
Onsite planning
Brand strategy
Brand naming
Brand identity design
Communication design
Signage design
Project management

Lohkah Hotel & Spa is a sensual destination, beautifully designed with expressions of regional Fujian culture. Located in Xiamen on the south-east coast of China, Lohkah brings a new kind of boutique luxury to the next generation of Chinese traveller. The first hotel soft-launched in December 2019 under the new Lohkah brand, whilst two other Lohkah hotels are still under development in Gulangyu and Yongchun, all set amongst beautiful surroundings of Fujian Province. 

JWDK was commissioned to develop the brand strategy and to create a unique brand name and visual identity for the Lohkah Hotel & Spa series. The name Lohkah, derives from the Sanskrit meaning of ‘world, universe, dimension, or plane of existence.’ The name expresses the customer experience — a journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery — exactly like no other. 

The logotype design features a distinctive ‘O’ shape inspired by the Chinese character ‘日’ meaning Sun. This shape is also used in isolation as a recognisable symbol, mainly in the luxury spa area of the hotel.

The brand imagery sets a tone of authenticity by featuring the tea leaves, shells, flowers and fruits of the region, all beautifully photographed and applied across hotel merchandise and gift packaging.

The brand colours compliment the warm tones of the interior of the hotel and, coupled with soft and natural textures and materials, the overall identity is understated and authentic to its surroundings. The brand identity was designed for exterior and interior signage, digital communications, gift products, hotel and spa cards, menus, uniforms and merchandise.