A China brand
with heritage

  • CLIENT Baoding
  • SECTOR Financial
  • LOCATION China

Skills at play

  • Qualitative research
  • Strategic workshops
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand design
  • Digital design
  • Communication design
  • Print production
  • Project management

Baoding (宝鼎) is a Chinese financial services firm specialising in equity and securities investment. Over the past few years, the company has broadened its portfolio, investing in newer industries such as artificial intelligence, IT, high-end manufacturing as well as electronics.

Baoding felt that their brand identity, created over 20 years ago, was outdated and no longer aligned with the new positioning of the firm. JWDK was commissioned to deliver a new brand for the company, positioning it as a diversified modern investment company with a fresh and innovative approach to investment.

Our research uncovered the value of ‘ding’ in Chinese, and its significance to the firm and its name. Literally, a ‘ding’ is an ancient, three-legged, Chinese bronze vessel typically used for cooking, storage and ritual offerings to the gods and ancestors. In Chinese history and culture, the ‘ding’ has the feeling of power and strength and symbolises stability and reliability, one of Baoding’s key attributes.

The brand concept is built around a series of pillars that benefit the customer — strong connections, market insights, wealth of experience and investment growth — all of which result in a better life for the customer.

The logo is made up of simple geometric interlocking shapes to form the iconic ‘ding’. The logo uses a powerful orange colour to bring warmth to the brand and to represent the bronze metal from which dings were made.

Fresh colours and patterns were incorporated in the visual identity design to inject energy into the brand showcasing both sophistication and depth. The dynamic brand toolkit has helped Baoding to stand out from the industry competition, increase cohesiveness among employees and stakeholders, and appeal to their target audiences.