A new ‘hey day’

  • SECTOR Property
  • LOCATION Shanghai

Skills at play

  • Qualitative research
  • Onsite scoping
  • Strategic workshops
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand design
  • Ideation
  • Communication design
  • Digital design
  • Motion design

Beautifully restored to its former glory, ROCKBUND is one of the most distinctive place destinations along Shanghai’s historical Bund. Strategically located at the intersection of the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek, ROCKBUND is defined by a cluster of eleven restored heritage-architecture buildings and a second phase revealing six newly constructed buildings. While it has succeeded in curating an immersive experience for consumers, the brand has failed to create a distinguished brand image and reputation in the market, leaving it buried under a growing list of competing regeneration projects across the city. In addition to an outdated visual identity, the current ROCKBUND brand lacks a brand strategy with a clear vision, mission and values guiding communication and engagement with its target audience.

When analysing ROCKBUND’s core benefits and the value it brings to customers, it was clear that the underlying essence was ‘Fringe.’ Repositioned as Shanghai’s new home of ‘fringe art and culture,’ JWDK also helped ROCKBUND define a new role for itself – to cultivate a ‘society of creators’ who deliver unconventional or leading-edge experiences that challenge, entertain and engage audiences.

The new logotype and monogram mark take cues from the art-deco geometric shapes of heritage architecture. The monogram carries changeable images customised to each event or placemaking activity, and the brand toolkit features a set of patterns, typography and imagery suited to a wide range of applications — from signage and banners to digital platforms and merchandise. 

Rockbund launched the new brand in late December 2021 by organizing a 3-month Reminiscence Exhibition tour. Nearly 20,000 people signed up for the Rockbund membership program. The event was covered in over 170 press releases. As for its own social media accounts, the follower number has increased by 150%.

The depth of research and strategic thought Kirsten and her team brought to this project has helped us build a great new foundation for this important heritage brand. We are thrilled with the launch and we love the look of our new brand identity.  

Lily Li

Marketing Director, ROCKBUND