A new star is born

  • CLIENT Henderson
  • SECTOR Property
  • LOCATION China

Skills at play

  • Qualitative research
  • Onsite planning
  • Brand positioning
  • Ideation
  • Brand naming
  • Brand identity design
  • Communication design
  • Signage design
  • Project management

Lumina is Henderson China’s first lifestyle commercial development brand launched in mainland China. Occupying two sites in Shanghai and Guangzhou, the mixed-use developments feature spectacular Grade-A workspace, contemporary experiential retail as well as entertainment and public outdoor space.

The developments in the different cities are built in tandem and share a similar vision so JWDK brought them together under a new brand architecture system within the Henderson China portfolio. This strategy allows Henderson to communicate a single vision for this new lifestyle-focussed concept and paves the way for future Lumina developments.

The name, Lumina, represents a guiding star in the night sky and brings positive hope to those who work, live and play at this place. The Chinese naming solution uses the common character of 星 (xing), meaning star, followed by 扬 (yáng) for Shanghai and 寰 (huán) for Guangzhou. ‘Xing yáng’ suggests the spread of a new culture, carrying the spirit of innovation and promotes the values of enterprises and individuals. ‘Xing huán’ represents a vast area that enlivens emerging cultures, harnesses top trends and provides unlimited energy for community connectivity.

JWDK helped Henderson China define five core principles that would differentiate the developments. These included: advancing business, expanding social networks, experiencing cultural life, learning new skills and supporting each other. As the five points come together the star shape within the logo was born. The Picasso-inspired eye, feet and hands adds a sense of creativity, wisdom and warmth. The character animates and comes to life for marketing events and public activities.

The signing throughout the offices is simple and understated. The brand is gently shown in various natural materials including wood, metal, stone and fabrics, adopted more muted tones sympathetic with the architectural design.

JWDK offers unique brand consultancy and marketing services with strong local insights, uncommon international vision, outstanding creativity and attentive
agency services.

Annette Tsang

Henderson China