PROJECT Chifan for Charity

A tasty rebrand
for a good cause

  • CLIENT Chifan for Charity
  • SECTOR Charity
  • LOCATION China

Skills at play

  • Brand design
  • Communication design
  • Content planning
  • Ideation

As team of foodies with big hearts, we at JWDK love what Chifan for Charity stands for and we’re incredibly proud to have sponsored the initiative this year by designing their tasty new brand!

Founded in 2009, Chifan for Charity is a platform that organises one of the most popular charity events of the year in China. For one night only, top restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong donate an exclusive table for the city’s movers and shakers to buy. Each seat is pre-sold with 100% of the sales going directly to the chosen charity for that year.

Our goal was to refresh Chifan for Charity’s brand by adding more depth and flexibility to its application. With some BIG plans ahead for the organisation, the new brand needed to allow room for growth in the years to come.

Conveniently, the name ‘Chifan for Charity’ proved to be a great place to start. The word ‘Chifan’ can be replaced endlessly with different foods, activities, actions or emotions to represent Chifan’s charitable campaign. With this in mind, we created a pictographic system that transcends written word in illustrating the diversity of Chifan for Charity activities.

As well as the pictographs, our new bilingual logo hopes to attract a wider following at future CFFC events. See if you can spot the smiles in ‘慈善’!

The yellow honeycomb logo takes inspiration from bees, who feed off pollen to create something beautiful (honey!). Similarly, the Chifan for Charity community wine and dine for the benefit of a charitable cause. The logo animates and chomps its way through social media and beyond!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with the Chifan for Charity team — we are super proud of the work we did together!

Up-cycled tote bags and laptop bags. Images courtesy of Chifan for Charity.